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Case Report: Hip Revision with CERAMENT™|BONE VOID FILLER: 8 month follow-up

Due to an extensive amount of osteolysis a hip revision for the 61 year old male patient was necessary.  Check out to which extent the Bonesupport´s VOID FILLER was resorbed and replaced with new cancellous bone after 8 months.
Bonesupport shares findings and experiences in a very detailed Case Report.


61-year-old male


  • Patient with history of wellpositioned, well-functioning bilateral uncemented THAs presented with progressive left hip pain over 6 months.
  • X-rays showed a large cystic osteolytic lesion in the left acetabulum involving the superior dome and the medial wall with extension into the ischium.
  • CT scan confirmed extensive amount of osteolysis.


  • Intraoperatively, significant wear of the polythylene liner allowing subluxation of the femoral head. The cup was solidly fixed and was not revised. The femoral head was exchanged for a new 32 mm head and the liner was exchanged to a10-degree elevated lip liner.
  • A 2x2cm window was made above the acetabulum at the level of the cyst.
  • The cyst was curetted and filled with 32cc CERAMENTTM|BONE VOID FILLER. Once CERAMENTTM solidified, the wound was irrigated and closed.


  • At 6 weeks post-op, the patient had good and painless range of motion and was weight-bearing without aides. X-rays confirmed good positioning of the acetabular implant CERAMENTTM|BONE VOID FILLER is still visible.
  • At 8 months post-op, the patient was doing well and was pain-free. X-rays demonstrated CERAMENTTM|BONE VOID FILLER to be nearly completely resorbed and replaced with new cancellous bone.

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